Scratch-it Ikea Effect

The Ikea Effect is Key to Interactive Marketing

You’ve just returned home from Ikea.

Cracked open the cardboard box, and dumped the contents onto the living room floor. A few hours, and 1,723 tiny pieces later, you’ve got your masterpiece: a coffee table.

This table quickly becomes you most prized possession. You knock your friends feet off it. Demand everyone uses coasters. Clean it daily.

Why does this $119 coffee table suddenly mean so much more to you than any of your other (more expensive) furniture?


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25 B2B Marketing Stats

All too often we don’t hear enough about business to business (B2B) marketing.

The fact of the matter is, the B2B ecosystem is a huge part of the economy. Just because B2B companies aren’t marketing to a specific single person, it doesn’t mean that they can’t embrace technology, mobile, customer psychology, and even copywriting to improve their results.

And, of course, the numbers speak for themselves.

B2B marketing presents a huge opportunity for success and growth, let’s take a look at some of the best B2B marketing stats out there. (more…)

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