Have More (Happy) Customers….With Social Media

Here’s something to think about…how much are you using your social media to connect with your current customers?

For most brands, the quick answer is not enough, not nearly enough.

The fact of the matter is, most brands and marketers are focusing their social media on selling their brand, not nurturing. That could be a big mistake, especially for the bottom line.

You might be thinking that your Twitter account is best used to heckle your favorite sports team, and that your Facebook is where you get all the latest updates on your friend’s kid’s cute antics.

And while that is (technically) true, brands and marketers should be embracing social media as a great way to nurture customer relationships over the long run.

But, how can you actually do it?

Good question, and one we’re going to cover. In addition to a few best practices on how you can take your social media and use it to really connect with your customers and how to continuously build those valuable relationships.

Let’s take a look.

Know Where Your Customers Are

This is an important one with social media. It’s great if you have an awesome Facebook page for your brand, but if all of your customers are hanging out on Instagram, then you’re out of luck.

One way to do this is to start simple….ask.

Ask your customers to connect with you on your social media channels. Do this by highlighting your social media accounts in your communication with them. Don’t forget to include your social media in your email newsletters, sales letters, even transactional emails like order confirmations.

Connect With Customers

It’s funny (well, not that funny), but connecting with customers online is just like connecting with them in real life.

Treat them like a person, be funny, build trust, and engage. Pretty simple, right?

One brand that does a great job of this on their social media channels is JetBlue. If you check out their Twitter account, it’s full of not only customer service, but them having a bit of fun and engaging with their customers.

Here’s just one example:

This is where brand engagement and personality come into play.

Some brands have taken to keeping a list of their customers in order to follow them on social media, so when the moment arises, they can be right there to share their content or join in the conversation.

Monitor Feedback

If you don’t think small things like this matter to customers, you’d be wrong. They absolutely do.

In an age where many customers feel like they are “just a number,” the tactic gaining the most traction in nurturing customer relationships is actually personalization.  

A big part of this is monitoring feedback, especially the feedback of your customers on your product. Note who is loving certain features, and those who are not happy.

You’d be surprised by how much information you can glean from customer discussion on social media, and use that information to improve your product, find a better target audience, or create a marketing campaign that really resonates.

It all matters.

Give Value

Value is the name of the game when it comes to anything relating the to the customer experience. And, it certainly plays on social media.

Too many brands and marketers make one critical mistake when they use social media…

…they make it all about them.

That means all their social media posts are just pushing their own content, they aren’t sharing other information they know their customers would love, they aren’t bringing in the ideas and opinions of influencers, or trying to solve their customers problems.

In short, they aren’t really giving much in the way of value.

Not good.

The solution?

Do the opposite.

Make sure you use your social media channels to entertain your customers, give them value, highlight the special things they can do with your product that will make them fall even more in love with it.

The possibilities are endless!

It’s pretty easy to see how valuable social media can be to building that customer relationship. If your brand isn’t already jumping on social to interact with customers, start today.

Like, right now.

Liz Froment

Liz is a marketing content writer for the Scratch-it team. She loves learning and writing about email marketing. You can find her tweeting about it and a lot more at @lfroment.