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How To Qualify More Leads for B2B

As a B2B marketer you have a lot on your plate. Challenges arise out of nowhere it seems as you conceptualize your next marketing campaign strategy. None of your problems are small, but your biggest challenge, the one that is keeping 61% of you up at night, is generating high-quality leads.

Well, if you are still generating some type of “leads,” no biggy right? You can just send them through to sales and rest assured that the many of those will be qualified and your sales team can take care of the rest. In a perfect world, sure, that might work, but in this one – no.


You’re wasting away.

Of those B2B businesses that send their leads directly to sales, only 27% of those are actually qualified. That means that you wasted nearly 75% of your marketing and sales power on people that weren’t fit to buy in the first place. You just poured your money down the drain.

While it can be hard to tell who is qualified and who isn’t in the B2B world, there are some pretty strong indications of who makes a qualified buyer and who doesn’t. We have cracked that code and we want to share our secret with you.


It’s called engagement.

People that interact with your marketing message are obviously more interested in your products and will be more likely to buy. These are the email recipients who click through your emails, the twitter followers who retweet your tweets, and the internet surfers who sign up for your webinars.


Not all of those engaged are created equal.

Engagement has a hierarchy, and it is trackable. For example, at Scratch-it we use interaction benchmarks to rate levels of engagement and determine how sales qualified someone is. These benchmarks are page views, scratches, and redeems.

These three types of engagement benchmarks that we collect create an entire picture of the recipients interaction pathway. Achieving each of these points, ranks them higher on the engagement scale and, consequently, makes them more qualified. For instance, someone who viewed your scratching page is less engaged than someone who started scratching, and someone who started scratching is less engaged than someone who redeemed your Scratch-it. People who do an action more than once, become more engaged and therefore more qualified to buy each time they perform that action, especially redeems.

Before you get all giddy about all your highly qualified leads, you need to do some quality assurance of your own. To ensure that your leads are not only qualified but also valuable, you will need to do some digging. Details about the individual including their title and company will help you determine if they are the ideal buyer and have the decision making power necessary to carry out the sale.


The qualification hand off.

I bet this all sounds great. More interaction means more engagement which means better lead qualification. Cool, but we are leaving out a hugely important part to all of this – tracking. These ideas are no good without tangible, usable data.

Well, that is where our analytics come in. We are continually tracking all of these interactions while you run your Scratch-it campaign. We even create a list of your most qualified users, called top users, at the bottom of our reporting page. The best part, if you add pass through parameters to your URLs, the list will contain contact information that you can export. This means that you now have a list of highly qualified leads to send off to your sales team.Scratch-it Top Users

With engagement on your side, it just got a whole lot easier to qualify leads. Add that to our analytics top users feature, and you have a lean mean lead qualifying machine.


Cheyenne Miner

Cheyenne Miner is a marketing intern at Scratch-it. She is on a mission to find the most effective marketing strategies.