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Save your relationship: Tips for rekindling the fire with your inactive subscribers [Part 3]

In our last two posts, we covered how to identify unengaged readers and tips on how to get users to even look at your emails. In our third and last installment of this series we’ll look into how to get your users to do something whether it’s converting or unsubscribing.

Content that drives engagement

Engaging more of your readers has lots of little parts to it. Aligning those components can seem like a big challenge. You may not even know where to start. Well, I will tell you. Great, engaging marketing campaigns begin with content. Here are some tips to get you going.


Your content should be a participatory experience.

Your audience can’t engage with you if you don’t give them a chance. Adding an interactive element increases engagement and can better qualify leads. Giving your readers something to do will consequently increase their attention span.

Bonus: give something away in exchange for their action and watch your engagement rates explode.


Don’t be scared of unsubscribes.

Just like death and taxes, unsubscribes are a part of life, but you can’t let the impending fear of those audience members being lost, control your marketing plan. In fact, here at Scratch-it, we operate on the idea that you can’t please everyone. Polarizing your audience is not necessarily a bad thing. You stop wasting your effort on people that will never buy by being transparent and offering a direct way out – a clear unsubscribe option.

There is a method to our madness. Our unsubscribe email has had the highest engagement of any of our emails.

It goes as follows:


SUBJECT LINE: I lost a bet

COPY: On Sunday I lost a bet. Our email marketing manager, Simon, bet that his Raiders would beat my 49ers. What a joke. In stunning disbelief the Raiders won.

Because I lost the bet I have to write this email.

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate sales emails. If you’re anything like me, please unsubscribe!

If you don’t unsubscribe right now I assure you that you will get another pitch next week. It will most likely come on a Tuesday. So please, if you’re not interested in bumping up your CTOR rates, engaging your recipients, and ultimately converting more sales – unsubscribe.

Now that those people have left let’s talk results.

The average email in the Industry of retail has a 15.2 % CTOR rate. (Silverpop)
The average Scratch-it email in the same industry has a 49.12 % CTOR rate.

The average of our client’s emails in the retail industry prior to Scratch-it had a 1 % conversion rate.
The average Scratch-it email in retail has a 4.7 % conversion rate.

These numbers change based on the industry, but have similar lifts.

So, if you understand the potential of your email marketing then let me pitch you an idea.

Take any discount you’ve sent in the past quarter and turn it into a Scratch-it.
Schedule a call today.

Go Niners,


How to keep them engaged

Once you get down to the highest quality subscribers you can keep them engaged through personalized drip campaigns. Remember, only share relevant information, or you will lose their attention. This means that you may need segment out parts of your audience and create drip campaigns that are more specific and targeted to each group. Yes that takes time, but you’ll thank me later.

When you aren’t trying to sell them, and you shouldn’t be going for the sell all the time by the way, use a soft sell tactic like sticky content. Sticky content is content that is similarly themed and consistent. It could be some relevant trivia, current event facts, or even a weekly cat gif. Check out the Sticky Content Case Study for more inspiration.

If you want a more hands on approach, give them a call. Hearing a real live person on the other line will put a voice to your company and give a human touch that email just can’t provide. If they are a high potential lead, send them a care package. Everyone likes to get gifts!

Relationships are hard, but some are worth it. If a high priority lead goes silent, let them know how bad you want them.


Through this three part series we have showed you how to identify, target, and re-engage your subscribers that have gone silent. Now get out there, and give them a reason to engage with you.

Cheyenne Miner

Cheyenne Miner is a marketing intern at Scratch-it. She is on a mission to find the most effective marketing strategies.