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Marketers are an adaptable bunch. Every year it seems a new trend, tactic, or tool comes out that helps us better connect to our targeted audiences. 2014 has seen a lot of changes. Today, most of your customers will choose to buy or research your product through their smartphones. This means marketers need to jump on the mobile bandwagon and ride it to success.

What ways are there to connect with customer on mobile devices?

While emails are definitely the king of converting users via mobile, other powerful channels have emerged. Two channels that are gaining a lot of popularity are push notifications and SMS marketing. Ready to learn what these two are and how you can use Scratch-it to compliment them? Great, let’s begin!

What are push notifications?

“For the first time in human history, you can tap almost two billion people on the shoulder.” – Ariel Seidman.

Push notifications are a way for subscribed mobile apps to send alert messages to their subscribers’ mobile devices. While the most common push notifications sent are usually new messages, invites, or comments from apps, when done right they are also a versatile way to connect with customers to send promotions, offers, and short content.

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Awesome, so I can just spam anyone and everyone?

No and you shouldn’t. Push notifications can be a phenomenal tool for disseminating messages but if used incorrectly they can have serious repercussions. It is essential that you follow CTIA ( and MMA ( guidelines before sending any push notifications or texts to any of your customers.

It’s a privilege

Push notifications are a privilege for marketers earned through your customer’s trust, however it can be lost at a moments notice. When speaking about push notifications, Corey Gault of Urban Airship stated,

“When any new technology comes around, there is a potential for it to be misused and if that’s done on large scale people will start turning of push notifications altogether”.

To further cement this point a survey by the DMA of 1,000 consumers found 78% of those people said, “they would immediately delete the app or disable the notification” if they were unhappy with the push notifications they received. Just like any privilege it is important to not lose it by misusing it. Only send quality messages.

Use Scratch-it in your push notifications

If you have a mobile app and are looking for a way into the world of push notifications, Scratch-it is the perfect option. Scratch-its are engaging and fun so you know they won’t land you in the doghouse. Scratch-it provides businesses with a much more powerful push – one that delights the user and compels them to act.


To load the Scratch-it landing page in your app, simply specify a destination url for a push message like the example below you need to do the following: Make your scratch-it by logging in to your Scratch-it account, go to the JSON dictionary of your push, insert your Scratch-it URL into a new key, then write your app to navigate to the url value, if preset, in a push handler.

 Push Notification

Text message marketing (SMS)

Your dad does it, your daughter does it, even your dog has probably slobbered up some paw filled text. Texting has become one of the most popular forms of communication in the world. What many forget is that text messages can be a great marketing tool to alert your customers of upcoming deals, new products, and relevant information. Through the use of an opt-in form you can get consumers to willingly give their contact information so that you can open up a dialogue with them. Two-way communication is the key here, if your customers enjoy what you have to say, chances are they will use the offers you send to them.

So what you’re really saying is that I should blast messages to everybody because they will read it?

No. Not only is sending unauthorized text message terribly ineffective, it’s illegal and could lead to lawsuits and penalties. So how do you use it? Glad you asked:

The three golden rules of text message marketing to stay safe:

1) Make sure customers really do want your texts

The most effective way to do SMS marketing is by creating a large list of subscribers through a campaign. Once you do this, you’ll have a large list that you can continually tap into. Sending unsolicited texts could get you in trouble with the FCC and put you in the doghouse with potential customers. The easiest way to gain new subscribers is through the promise of coupons or freebies.

2) The right time and the right place.

Because text messages are almost always read it is important not to overdo it when you send them. Sending subscribers occasional alerts during stress-free times such as lunch, or after work is best. Messages sent out during work hours or dinnertime usually have the least success.

3) Send them what you promised.

If you say you are going to send cooking tips or coupons, send that. Deliver what you promised. Getting customers to sign up by promising coupons only to sell your product for full price is unethical and will give your brand a bad reputation

Send a Scratch-it within your text messages
Sending a scratch-it through your texts is an easy way to boost your text campaign. It’s as simple as dropping the URL right in the message and along with some great copy. Remember your text should align with your campaign and start a conversation!


Making a Scratch-it for your next text message campaign is as simple as 4 easy steps:

1) Create an enticing campaign that prompts them to text your number. E.g. “We have deals for you to steal, text Scratch to 43802 for a weekly Scratch-it offer”. 

2)  Set up your automated response  (this is easy using a SaaS like Demandforce) and write a call to action informing the customers of your scratch-it.Take your scratch-it URL and drop it in the text.

3) Double Check. Make sure that you have the right URL for each offer, as well as no typos (texting deserves just as much of a read over as email)

4) Activate.

Scratch-it textBenefits of Push Notifications and SMS marketing

Not convinced yet? Here are three benefits of using Push notifications and SMS marketing to compliment your emails.


When you call a customer they may not pick up. Emails may never get opened (unless you are using scratch-it) but push notifications and text are very likely to be seen.

Incredibly high open rates

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes


Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more often then print coupons.

Tools For Push Notifications 
Try UrbanAirship
Try Parse

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