Who needs the A-TEAM when you could have the Zeal Team?

All of us here at Scratch-it gush with pride when asked how we developed the Scratch-it platform. Why?  Well, for one it looks and works great. However we cannot take all the credit. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a confession. The most adept developing team in the Northwest personally assisted Scratch-it. The Zeal team. Time to cue the theme song because these guys are coding heroes.

Who are they?
The Zeal team is an agile web and mobile application consultancy group. They are experts in agile development, pair-programming, and “lean” methodologies. On the server side they use Ruby on Rails, and on the client facing side they use rich HTML5 javascript frameworks. Furthermore their team of engineers specializes in AngularJS, Node.js, iOS, and Android development.

Our experience?
Fantastic! Whenever issues arose the Zeal team was on it. Luckily issues rarely arose due to the incredible caution Zeal takes while testing code – making sure it is always bug-free. They are so passionate about what they do you’d think there were real rubies on those rails!

The name?
They love and have zeal for what they do. Just like the Navy “seals”, this team is egoless. They enjoy making your product great. While the Zeal home base is located in Southern Oregon, the B.A. Baracus’s of the world have no reason to worry. Zeal works through remote paired programming, so you don’t need to be “getting on no plane fool!”

Final Thoughts

This is what Robert Haydock the founder of Scratch-it had to say about Zeal:

When we started working with Zeal I was a skeptic of remote paired programming. After working alongside zeal I saw not only the benefits of this style, but also how easy it was for me to get to know this team remotely. They are fantastic coders, as well as great people. I have only good things to say about this team”

Want the Zeal team for your next project. They can be contacted through their webpage:  www.codingzeal.com