10 Steps to create Dynamic Codes and Probability Offers for your Scratch-its

In this demonstration we will be using three different offer values. Once you have mastered this process you can change the offer values and skew the probability any way you’d like. The offer values for this demonstration will be 5$, 10$, and 15$. In this demonstration we will be sending out 10,000 emails.

1)  Login to Scratch-it.

Create three different Scratch-its all with redeem code “try again”. Create and customize the scratch-its and add differing offer amounts. *Reminder* In this demonstration we will be using three different scratch-its with offers of 5$,10$, and 15$.

Dynamic codes and probability offers step 1

*Important* The three different scratch-its with different values need to be made separately.

2)  Publish the three scratch-its, then copy each individual Email HTML on the Scratch-it “review and publish” page. You can paste the three different Email HTML’s into a word document or text editor for later use.

Dynamic codes and probability offers step 2

3)   Decide on the probability of prizes. In this example we will be giving 60% of our targets 5$ off, 30% of them 10$ off, and 10% of them 15$ off. Remember this is only an example. When  you build your own scratch-its you can create whatever probability you’d like.

4)   Go into your E-commerce platform (Ex. Shopify) and generate “burner codes” (one-time only codes that are unique). You will need to generate separate “burner codes” for each promotion. Therefore if we were to send a total of 10,000 scratch-its we would need to generate 6,000 burner codes with a value of 5$. We would also need to generate 3,000 burner codes with a value of 10$, and 1,000 with a value of 15$.

Dynamic codes and probability offers Step 3
(Here we are making 1,000 burner codes for our 15$ offer)

5)   Export the three sets of codes to an Excel or CSV file for later use.

6)   Next export the list of 10,000 subscribers or leads you want to contact from your ESP (Email Service Provider) into an Excel or CSV file.

export word

7)   Now randomize this list of email addresses. This can be done easily through sorting.

sorting dynamic

8)   Divide this email list into 60%, 30% and 10% buckets. More specifically take 6,000 of the randomized emails and make one list. Then take 3,000 of the remaining randomized emails and make another list. Finally take the last 1,000 randomized emails to complete your three lists. We recommend separating these lists in order to avoid confusion. The objective is for the correct email to match with the correct promotion. I.e. the email with the $15 off code should receive the $15 off Scratch-it.

9)  Once you have segmented your email list into three randomized bucket lists take the correct “burner codes” and add them as a new column to the corresponding email lists. The $5 codes should be associated to the email address in your 60% bucket. $10 codes to your 30% bucket, and the $15 to your 10% bucket.

Reimport each list into your ESP. This allows you to dynamically set the codes in the html email.


10)  Now copy and paste the code from step two into the html template for your ESP. Make sure the HTML for the scratch-it is the correct value of the offer you are giving. Meaning that your bucket list of 6,000 would be given the html from the scratch-it offering 5$ off. Now add “#/?dc=*|CODEA|*” in the email html after the Scratch-it URL. “*|CODEA|* is a dynamic merge tag that updates dynamically based on the email address receiving the email. What is a merge tag? Check out the Merge Tag cheat sheet by Mailchimp.

code b

*Reminder* You will need to do this step with all three offers.

Congratulations rock star! Now all you have to do is send the three emails and you’re all ready to go! If you have any difficulties feel please free to reach out to us. We are here to help! Info@scratch-it.com