Scratch-its Whiskey Cart is here and WOW is she a beauty

The Prologue: In the early summer of 2014, the Scratch-it VP of Sales went off on an adventure around the state of Oregon searching for the finest wood the land had to offer. This was no ordinary wood he was searching for, but wood with character.  Why did the wood need character you ask? Simple, this would be the wood for Scratch-it’s whiskey cart and both whiskey and Scratch-it have a whole lot of character.

While other start-ups drink their wine, beer, vodka, and gin, Scratch-it has stayed true to her upbringing. Those other spirits are fine. In fact, we have dabbled here and there following work hours. That being said, whiskey is not about being flashy or coming in cool bottles it is about getting the job done. Whiskey is modest, it is innovative, and it is strong. It works well in an assortment of cocktails but is also great alone, doing what it does best. Whiskey intrigues its beholder, it creates a burning. It isn’t cheap but gives more bang for the buck than any of its competitors. Whiskey is quality. The famous American writer Ernest Hemmingway summed it up best saying:

“When you work hard all day with your head and know you must work again the next day, what else can change your ideas and make them run on a different plane like whiskey?”

Part One) The not so Perilous Expedition: At dusk with the engine of his Lexus SUV revving quietly the VP set off across rivers, through ditches, and around ponds as he rode in quest of the perfect barn wood. Past Mt. Jefferson and around Crater Lake the car strode taking in the abundance of beautiful sights Oregon continually offers. Alas he had found it. A 100-year-old barn.

Scratch-It whiskey barn

After getting the consent from the Barn owner they began to peel. Board by board. The car was loaded right before sundown and off it strode back to it’s hometown of Portlandia. The next morning the VP made a quick call to Scratch-its marketing manager and a plan was hatched to create the cart that day.

Part Two) Time to Build The duo quickly got at it sanding and sawing the boards. When finished they began the construction of a masterpiece.

Building the whiskey cart building the whiskey cart part 2 Whiskey cart The finished whiskey cart

Part Three) The Final Countdown  With the cart fully constructed the next step was to organize the liquor and clean the whole office from the suffocating dusk, which was sure to annoy all the other team members come Monday morning.  Following the two day bonanza the final product was revealed at the beginning of the work week.

scratch-it whiskey cart

Just like the Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, and Rye whiskey’s it holds the cart is strong and sturdy. A job well done.