4 Reasons to Use Interactive Marketing

Today, we spend hours sifting through trillions of pieces of information. As a result our attention span has dropped significantly. In fact, the average human has a smaller attention span than a goldfish. I wish I were kidding, but sadly I am not. GOLDFISH concentrate longer than us. 

Human attention span

To capture customers’ attention and keep them engaged for longer periods than our aquatic friends the smart brands have begun creating interactive experiences. Read all the reasons why below!

1.Captivate Attention

With the average human attention span falling to an unprecedented 8 seconds — a second behind a goldfish, it’s a wakeup call for marketers to offer a more engaging experience. Interactive advertisements like the Mad Men example below are incredibly effective because they keep the user involved. Other commonly used interactive marketing tactics are reveal based promotional offers and in-text polls

Mad Men interaction
This Mad Men ad lets users choose their style and create their own downloadable characters.

2. Repurpose Existing  Content

You spent hours coming up with that copy. You spent even more time testing it to make sure it’s bulletproof – it may have even required intensive research and graphics. Before you hit the dreaded delete button, why not repurpose that data into other marketing content and give it a new spin by making it interactive. Want those graphs to stand out? Want to turn your boring emails into a scratch it? The opportunities are boundless, and it is cost effective. Don’t throw away a days work after one use  – turn it into a conversation.

Interactive Graph by The New Yorker
Interactive Graph by The New Yorker

3. Increased Sales Conversions

A successful interactive marketing campaign converts your audience from a reader to buyer, otherwise known as a “sales conversion.” Unlike regular ads, interactive marketing techniques gives the audience the choice to interact. This “choice” gives customers more flexibility in deciding what they want and marketers a better knowledge of what to offer. For example if you let your customers design their own style as discussed in the Mad Men example above you give your customers the power to better inform you on what they like. More personalized campaigns = more purchases. Combine interactive experiences with strong CTA’s such as “Buy Now,” “Add to Cart” or “Get a Quote” and you create a 1-2 punch that will get your customers to finish their purchase. By giving customers the “power” to choose they are psychologically more receptive to buying. Are you really offering anything different? No, but you are showing your product in a different way, a way that is far less encroaching, more fun, and far more effective. 

Target snap and shop
This Target ad gives users the ability to “snap” and shop. The interactivity gets users involved.

 4. Brand Awareness

The average retailer will send an average promotion and the average customer will pass by it and forget all about it. Stop being average! If you provide an experience it will be remembered and your brand will gain the positive association. Even better if it is amazing it will likely be shared with friends and family via the social media. Think about it, when was the last time an ad made you excited? Were you involved or were you just a bystander? So how do you drive amazing experiences with customers from the comfort of your desk? I think you know the answer – Interactive Marketing.  


For Infographics and Ebooks

 Try Snapapp

foodie photo contest

For Emails & Push Notifications

Try Scratch-it
vertical response scratch-it

For Video

Try Adventr

Piano interaction

Takeaway: Are you pestering you customers or are you providing an experience? The difference between the two will spell success or disaster for your brand. 

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