Macy’s Interactive Status Update

Recently, Macy’s ran an interactive scratch promotional campaign through their Facebook page featuring a new boutique within their stores. From our perspective, it was a way to build buzz and bring attention to not only the Macy’s brand but the new boutique offering as well.

After doing a bit of research about Macy’s social media and advertising strategies, using a scratch campaign appears to be a natural fit. As a company, they are very familiar with their target market. They know that this ideal customer spends a fair amount of time on image heavy social channels– Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

As social channels become more visual, authentic images become a more effective way to communicate with customers. Being able to shop and make purchases within social media channels is becoming available and customers seem to be taking advantage.

But can it be done in a news feed?


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Whoa! These 3 companies all use reveal based marketing

In today’s highly competitive digital marketing environment it can be a daunting task to improve results and engage customers. While many advertisers continue to bore audiences, the most innovative companies are adapting to the future by using reveal based marketing. All of us at Scratch-it know how profound and beneficial the impact of reveal based marketing will be. In fact, we have produced multiple reports backing its potency. However, as with any novel technology, changing the preexisting framework of an industry takes a few courageous innovators. As experts in the field we always keep our eyes out for companies valiant enough to take the leap. The three recognizable companies listed below are quickly positioning themselves as pioneers in the field through their application of interactive reveal based advertising.


                  Redbox’s current campaign “reveal a deal” entertains and empowers costumers.

 Redbox Reveal a Deal

Redbox, whose business model infamously shook up the movie rental industry, has continually expressed that they will always be on the front line in search of new ways to boost demand. It is no surprise that this company would be one of the first to use the power of interactive scratch technology. By daring customers to “reveal a deal”, Redbox has created an enormous amount of buzz as customers eagerly await their next chance to scratch. 

              The Macy’s ad displayed below allows viewers to embark on a journey through Paris

maison jules scract ad


 Macy’s, an advertising legend, always strives to provide a better user experience. Recently they launched a banner ad campaign allowing costumers to scratch and peel to reveal 12 different Parisian-style outfits. The Macy’s banner ad social media embed was an incredible hit on Facebook. According to Adweek, “The average person spent more than three minutes interacting with the unit, and the interaction rate was 921 percent.” An astounding 23 percent of users followed the ad over to Macy’s homepage.

                                                          REI harnesses the power of digital scratching

REI Every Last Drop of Winter


REI, a supplier of outdoor gear, sponsored sponsored the Gear Guide issue of Backpacker magazine in order to reach their target demographic. Knowing that their audience enjoys movement they chose to implement an interactive scratch ad. The end result was positive brand engagement, a personalized experience, and entertainment that delighted the reader.

Bottom line: While we commend the efforts of these three campaigns, the cost of creating campaigns such as these are immense, and the functionality is lacking. Had they known and implemented their interactive ads using our platform their campaigns would have been more effective, functional, and economical. The Scratch-it platform will allow you to make similar interactive ads at a fraction of the price. Don’t just take our word for it, let us show you.

Click here for a free taste of the Scratch-it magic.


Being a pioneer can be tough. Being a pioneer with a compass, map, an experienced customer support team, and a tried-and-true trail is simple. Let Scratch-it help you explore the world of interactive reveal based marketing.

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Win-back your customers like a pro

At team Scratch-it, there is no greater satisfaction than learning about how our customers are using the tools we provide and the impact it has on their marketing objectives. We like to share the take-aways and ah-ha moments from impactful campaigns so that the whole Scratch-it community can learn and grow together. Behold masterful execution of a Scratch-it win-back campaign, courtesy of our friends at

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The Scratch Off Effect: REI

Back in November 2013, outdoor retailer REI, famous for their outdoor gear, sporting goods and clothing, sponsored the Gear Guide issue of Backpacker magazine and ran an in-app digital scratch advertisement for their mobile app subscribers.

Built into the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe featured a post on their blog about the scratch ad campaign and the ease of development within the Adobe Cookbook. They dubbed it “the Scratch-Off effect”.

What was great about it?


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Out of the (Red) Box thinking:

Recently, Redbox Automated Retail, the company that specializes in automated DVD and video game rental kiosks, ran a digital scratch email marketing campaign they called ‘Reveal a Deal’.

As Redbox customers and subscribers, a few of us here at the Scratch-it offices received this promo and got to try the very scratch reveal technology that we think we’ve mastered (humbly speaking, of course).

When the campaign email came through our inboxes, we were excited to try it. A digital scratch offer? Oh we will gladly reveal that deal. However, the experience left us scratching our heads. It was clunky, text and imagery were blurry, and there was no clear user path or call to action.


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