Out of the (Red) Box thinking:

Recently, Redbox Automated Retail, the company that specializes in automated DVD and video game rental kiosks, ran a digital scratch email marketing campaign they called ‘Reveal a Deal’.

As Redbox customers and subscribers, a few of us here at the Scratch-it offices received this promo and got to try the very scratch reveal technology that we think we’ve mastered (humbly speaking, of course).

When the campaign email came through our inboxes, we were excited to try it. A digital scratch offer? Oh we will gladly reveal that deal. However, the experience left us scratching our heads. It was clunky, text and imagery were blurry, and there was no clear user path or call to action.

Always fans of finding new ways to connect with customers, we salute Redbox for doing some out of the box thinking and offering their loyal following a new way to engage with their brand. That said, we would be remiss not take this opportunity to offer a few tips that may have made their campaign more unique, dynamic and reach a wider array of customers.

Here are 6 ways this campaign could have been improved with a Scratch-it

1. UX

At Scratch-it, we take user experience pretty seriously. We think that a clean interface and simple prompts to scratch are vital to the experience. If Redbox had used a Scratch-it, their customers would have received html email or sms links encouraging the user to click and immediately start engaging. Once opened, the user is given a clear path to scratch, reveal and redeem. Our platform is clean and responsive, offering a uniform user experience across all browsers and devices.

2. Visual appeal

Scratching is fun and the imagery and presentation should reflect that. When you use a Scratch-it to reach your customers, you are introduced to a variety of different options in which to design unique and individualized Scratch campaigns.

3. Knowing your customer– customization

We want Scratch-it campaigns to offer an easy, fun and effective way to segment customers and offer them specialized deals unique to their needs. We believe that all customers want to feel like individuals and that their business is appreciated.

We find that one of the best ways to execute a successful email marketing strategy is to know your audience and tailor the message accordingly. Offering specific promotions makes your customers feel unique and appreciated all while learning more about their buying habits in the process!

4. Analytics

So, now that you’ve launched your exciting new campaign driven by an awesome user experience design, snappy images and customer segmentation, how are you going to track your results? What good will it do if we don’t have insight into how customers are responding?

Using Scratch-it not only allows you to design and implement your own customized scratch campaign, but track results throughout its entire lifecycle. More insight means consistently improved campaigns in the future.

5. Long term support

So, we’ve already mentioned that a big part of what makes a Scratch-it email campaign unique is customization. And while creative freedom is vital to a standout campaign, what happens if something goes south? No worries, the team at Scratch-it is here for you. All of our packages come with long-term support, including technical and design assistance. We even offer templates to help get your campaign up and running instantly!

From concept to delivery to tracking results, Scratch-it is an all inclusive tool that encourages immediate brand engagement with consistent results. Hey Redbox, interested in a do-over? Scratch-it is here for you!

6. Price

The kicker; anybody can afford this technology. Prior to our platform a reveal based marketing campaign similar to Redbox’s was reserved only for companies with deep pockets. Not anymore. We have raised the bar, but lowered the price.