Redbox’s Halloween Reveal Based Marketing Campaign

As smartphones continue to take a greater percentage of total ecommerce retail sales, brands have begun focusing their digital marketing efforts towards mobile audiences. Last week, Redbox launched a Halloween “Reveal a Deal” SMS marketing campaign, yet another example of a brand shifting away from ordinary promotions to reveal based interactivity.

The Redbox campaign centers around a mystery deal that can be discovered by carving out a digital pumpkin scratch-off. The pumpkins conceal a range of different offers from 60 cents off a movie rental to free video game rentals. Reveal based marketing campaigns have proven successful for the video rental giant as they ran a similar campaign this past July.
Red Box Halloween


  • Clear CTA Text “Scratch the Pumpkin to Reveal a Deal”
  • Cohesive storytelling approach
  • Dynamic content
  • Eye catching seasonal reveal based design

What others had to say:
“[Redbox] They’re using SMS messaging to push customers to an interactive mobile web experience,” 
said Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango.

“An interactive SMS campaign like this does two things for Redbox. The first thing is that it reduces subscriber churn, as running different types of promotions that are both engaging and new ensure that subscribers don’t opt-out due to the same type of promotions being ran week after week.

“The second is that these interactive SMS campaigns give really good insight for brands into how engaged their audience is,” he said. “By requiring some sort of action from a subscriber, like clicking a link, will tell Redbox what percentage of their subscribers are engaging, which is extremely important to a brand like Redbox.”

3cinteractive is executing the brand strategy, integrated creative, and design behind the campaign.

 If leveraging the psychological principles of reveal based marketing in the sales process is new to you review our guide to reveal based marketing and learn all the ways you can use this new approach to succeed.