Create a Memorable Brand in the Digital Age

Let’s face it, defining a brand in the digital age can be tricky. With an ever changing array of tools, platforms and opinions, it can be hard for brands to feel like they are getting solid footing in the market.

The good news?

All is not lost. As difficult as navigating brand management is today, there are many brands who are excelling at it (and gaining plenty of new customers). So the question is, how are they doing it?

Let’s take a look.


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25 Quotes on Marketing from Top CMO’s

Who doesn’t love quotes? We do, especially when they are all about marketing from people who are as passionate about it as we are. 

We’ve gathered 25 quotes on marketing from some of the top CMO’s out there to inspire you, educate you, and maybe even get a laugh or two. 

The biggest goal here, however, is to help you understand why great marketing is so important. 

Let’s go.


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12 Brilliant Landing Page Optimization Tools for the Savvy Marketer

A great landing page can be the difference between a product or service that sells like hotcakes and one that stagnates. All too often it can be the landing page itself that is turning potential customers away.

In order to combat that, there are a number of great landing page optimization tools that can be used to take a behind the scenes look at what’s working, and what might be missing the mark. (more…)

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What One Professor and Ikea Can Teach Us About Reveal Marketing

You’re watching tv and see an actor in a commercial. You think, “I know that guy, where did I just see him?”

The commercial ends, but that nagging feeling doesn’t. You turn to your spouse, “What movie did we just see that guy from the commercial in?” They don’t know what you’re talking about.

It’s really starting to chew at you. How can you find the answer to who that guy is, it’s driving you crazy! (more…)

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