New Features! You can now clone your scratch-its & more

Highlighted Feature: Cloning

What are the benefits of this feature?
Cloning allows you to make identical scratch-its without going through the hassle of redesign. This is an important timesaver when you want to change one aspect of the setup info, design, or email, without wanting to go through the entire process again.

Examples include:

  • A/B Testing subject lines
  • Changing probability
  • Creating variants in color, background picture, CTA’s, and redeem offers

How does this feature work?

All you need to do is go to the options tab in your dashboard click on the edit button and press clone. If you are more visually oriented we have created a step by step below for you to see just how easy cloning your scratch-its can be.

gif part 1
Here is an example of a scratch-it to before cloning
gif part 2
Go to the options tab. Click edit. Click clone.
Gif part 3
You now have an identical clone

Here at Scratch-it we are always coming up with new features to benefit our customers. Below are a few more features we have recently unveiled.


New platform


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