Thank You Ben & Jerry’s!

Today Scratch-it scored a visit from the Ben & Jerry’s truck! The enthusiastic Ben & Jerry’s staff delivered us a ton of free samples of their “core” ice cream and believe me when I tell you it was tasty.

ben and jerrys

ben and jerrys

With the temperatures outside creeping up towards the 90s, this delightful roving truck seemed like an oasis in the desert.

Are you jealous yet?

What’s the secret to getting the truck?

Simply tweet @BenJerrysTruck using the hashtag #CoreTour and you too can request for them to make a quick pitstop at your place of business. If they visit, you will be an instant “celebrity” amongst your peers. Who doesn’t like free Ice Cream? Seriously, who? Tell me so I can go bang on their door and give them a sample of “Hazed&Confused”. Mmmm just saying the name makes my mouth water. Core flavors have a smooth center of fudge, caramel, or raspberry jam, surrounded by Ben & Jerry’s signature ice cream. Go out and buy some! Ben & Jerry’s Cores

Thanks Ben & Jerry’s to show our appreciation we have made a limited time Ben & Jerry’s Scratch-it!