Mobile is King of Email

ALERT! Desktops are being thrown from mountaintops; computer mice are being used as cat toys, and studies say keyboards have gotten a little too sticky. Sorry, we got a bit carried away, but as far as email is concerned desktops are losing their popularity to the little guy – phones.

According to the U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013 “65% of marketing emails were opened on a smartphone or tablet in the fourth quarter”. Furthermore desktop opens fell to 35%, down 4% from the previous quarter. To celebrate the rise of the mobile phone from the Ralph Nader of email distribution to the unanimous leader, Scratch-it has created our “ME” (mobile email) timeline.

Mobile email examples


Nielsen found that 38.5% of mobile internet time is spent checking mobile email

According to Mailup 25% of email is read on a smartphone


Experian discovered that 45% of holiday season emails were being opened on mobile


Forrester stated that 87% of online retailers report that they optimized mobile email or are planning to this year.  


The Campaign Monitor reported email opens had grown 180% in three years

According to data tracked by  “Litmus Email Analytics”47% of email is now opened on a mobile device. This provides further evidence that email is more often read on mobile than on a desktop email client.


Final Takeaway: If you are not sending your emails with mobile in mind you’re making a big mistake. Marketers need to be taking advantage of all the different opportunities available through this channel; such as geolocation and the use of the touchscreen to better target and engage viewers. Need a tool that helps send addictive emails that work great on mobile? Try a scratch-it!

Special thanks to Jordie van Rijn from for aggregating a list of relevant mobile email stats. For more from the industry’s top leaders on the direction of mobile email read Jordie’s full article here.

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