Scratch-it Introduces New Online Email Editor with Built-in Responsive Design

Coding Emails Has Never Been So Much Fun 

We’re excited to introduce to our clients our platform’s new email editor. The editor will allow you to design stunning and fully responsive emails all from within the Scratch-it platform.

The editor gives you full reign to make your own email or use one of the complimentary templates. These templates have been developed using our best practices and take full advantage of all the new advanced features of the editor. Our templates have been tested to render correctly in every browser and email client.

Mobile editor code 

Use Our Pre-tested Templates or Build Your Own Custom Creations

Choose one of our pre-tested templates, or create one of your own—it’s your choice!

Scratch-it templates

Key Editor Features:

Simple Email Designer or Advanced Editor

If you’re new to email coding our simple editor makes it easy to create a beautiful Scratch-it email by following the customizable preset options. You can change the headline, text, images, and colors in seconds. For those who have the html chops, and would like to dive deeper, our advanced editor is everything you’ll need and more. Reap the benefits of customizable snippets, and HTML/CSS inline auto-completion to make shorthand coding effortless.

Mobile & Desktop Viewing

Make sure your email is perfectly crafted for all devices by looking at it in both mobile and desktop views while you assemble it.

Html Code Highlighter

Tired of sifting through lines of html when building? Click on any piece of your email in the preview panel and our email editor will automatically highlight the element within the code editor so you’ll never miss a beat.

One-Click Code Copying

When you’re done building simply click the copy button on the review page, and voila, you’re now ready to paste your code into your email service provider.

Toggle Images

Advanced Editor presents the option of choosing between viewing your email with images or without them.

Downloadable Html

Easily download your html at any time with one click of a button.

Text Editor Commands

Rapid changes can be made within the advanced editor by using text edi-tor commands. Common commands include Ctr+F or Cmd+F to search or replace and Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z to undo.

Merge Tags

Instead of copy and pasting links to the scratching url or scratch image, use convenient merge tags to reference those in the template editor. Start by typing SI_ in the advanced editor to see a list of options.

Drag and Drop

Drag images into the email preview and have the image along with links and dressings show up wherever you have a cursor in the HTML.


Only available in advanced mode you can edit the preview mode directly. Not only does clicking an image highlight the appropriate HTML, you can directly modify text in the email. Any changes will instantly show up in the HTML editor. 

Test It Out

Click the link below to jump into your Scratch-it account and begin playing around with our new email editor. We’re looking forward to seeing what emails and Scratch-its you and your team create.

Click here to login, and test it out!

To see a full list of features included in the email editor download the PDF below. 


Please note that Scratch-it should be used as an email editor and scratching page builder. It is not an email service provider.