5 Awesome Email Marketing Infographics To Hang On Your Fridge

For the majority of enterprise companies email marketing provides the greatest ROI relative to the rest of their marketing repertoire.  Those with advanced email systems already enjoy the increased web traffic, engagement, and conversions that comes from well executed newsletters, drip campaigns and triggered messaging. With the recent upsurge in advanced data collection through ESP’s and other third party services we now have a bevy of information on the different trends in email. While valuable, this data can be hard to interpret therefore leading to a rise in popularity of easily digestible infographics. This has led to a new problem – too many useless infographics.

Well, we’ve got you covered, the five infographics below are are all great and provide a good starting point for those interested in learning how to optimize their email marketing, concocting better subject lines, building effective lists, and increasing overall email engagement.  If you’re a hardcore email fanatic we suggest printing out and hanging the following below on your fridge. After-all you never know when a specific best practice or piece of data will be useful to have on hand!

1. 5 Steps to Build Amazing Email Lists from the Ground Up

For many of us building an email list can be tough. It takes time and money to create an effective list that will last. The infographic below outlines a few key tips for building a new email list from scratch. 

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5 Steps to Build Amazing Email Lists from the Ground Up

Via Salesforce

2. Monitoring Email Marketing: Seven Metrics You Should Be Tracking

If you do not fully understand how to monitor your email metrics it will be impossible to gauge how an email campaign performs. The infographic below by Data Octopus gives a basic overview of the essential metrics you must be tracking as well as data on industry averages. 

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Via Data Octopus

3. Strong Signals: Mobile Email Marketing is Connecting with Consumers

An oldie but a goodie. Despite being based on a survey done in 2011, this infographic contains valuable information on consumers mobile email habits, as well as the preferred types of mobile messaging (information still relevant today) . In the years since this survey was conducted mobile has grown to be the preferred device for checking email among consumers.

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Mobile Email

Via Ebay Enterprise (formerly e-Dialog)

4. Integrate Strategies! Email Marketing & Social Media

It’s odd that so many brands with thriving email lists and social accounts fail to integrate the two together. This infographic gives best practices for improving your marketing by combining two of the most effective marketing programs in your repertoire; email & social.  

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social email marketing

Via Freshmail

5. The Opening Line

Honestly, subject line advice seems rather silly. The right subject line depends on a host of variables such as your target demographic, the contents of the email itself, and the day/time. The best way to discover effective subject lines is by A/B testing every single thing you can possibly think of and even then its still a crapshoot. We’ve heard everything from using incredibly long subject lines to containing nearly no text in subject line at all. The infographic below is interesting in how it dispels common subject line myths, while also giving level headed advice such as “the best subject lines tell what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell what’s inside”.

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Subject line

Via Litmus

Do you know of any great email marketing infographics that we left out?  Share them below!