10 Free Must-Read Email Marketing Reports and White Papers

Free advice! In the internet era, more and more great—and free email marketing resources are available all the time. These resources cover a spectrum of different email topics such as engagement, deliverability, design, and optimization for mobile. All the resources below are gated, so you will have to input a little information, but with all the powerful advice being given away a short form fill is more than worth it. Here are 10 of the top (free) email marketing resources. 

10 Tips for Using Email to Drive Mobile Engagement and Vice-Versa – Silverpop

Half of you are most likely reading this post on your mobile devices. Even more of you will open your email on your phone once a day. Are your campaigns optimized to engage on-the-go shoppers? Are your emails driving more mobile engagement or losing your customers attention? What you will learn:

  • Reducing customer friction when purchasing on mobile devices
  • Leveraging email to boost mobile app engagement
  • Using SMS and mobile apps to increase email opt-in


7 Ways to Ensure A Rock-Solid Email Foundation – Bronto

If you are new to email marketing, and want to learn why and how to get started this white paper is for you. What you will learn:

  • Building lists and keeping those lists engaged
  • Creating effective subject lines
  • How to use automation to repurpose content 

Think Mobile-First: Tailoring Email Marketing To On-The-Go Consumers

When strategizing your email marketing program it is more important now than ever to not only keep your smart phone users in mind, but to actually build your email marketing programs with them as the first point of interaction. Mobile is too prevalent to simply optimize for, it’s time to change our strategy. What you will learn in this white paper by Yesmail

  • How to garner trust from mobile recipients
  • Incite engagement and generate revenue through mobile-relevant calls-to-action
  • How to measure mobile email success and with what KPI’s 

Mobile Email Guide – Responsys

If you already have a clear understanding of which devices your recipients are coming from then the next step is to put in place a strategy to meet these needs. The “Mobile Email Guide” covers practical tips for mobile design, from wrapping elements, to the practicality of larger buttons. What you will learn:

  • Key elements of mobile design
  • What path to take to meet your recipients needs
  • Easy tips for mobile optimization


Email Newsletter Design

Live Intent’s Email Newsletter Design shows aspiring email stylists how to grab the attention of their recipients no matter where they view your message. What you will learn:

  • How to design and optimize your newsletters for the highest response and ad revenue
  • How email newsletters are different than your website… and better
  • Why you need to design your email for mobile NOW


7 Ways Predictive Intelligence Can Elevate Email Marketing -Exact Target

What is predictive intelligence? How you can use big data to predict user actions and how to best market to those actions? Find out all this and more in this white paper. Learnings include:

  • How and why to add personalization to email programs
  • Creating content that is relevant to the behavioral data you should be collecting
  • How to build and maintain strong customer relationships

Coding Pixel Perfect Emails – InboxGroup

Are you interested in coding your own emails, overriding default styles, and ensuring your email renders across all clients? If so, this white paper is for you. What you will learn:

  • Transitioning your emails to mobile responsive templates
  • Coding for appropriate mobile font styling
  • What to avoid when coding emails


A retailer’s guide to mobile engagement benchmarks and best practices

Really another whitepaper focusing on mobile emails? Yes. Mobile emails are still overlooked and with such a profound impact on email marketing, we didn’t think another article for emphasis could hurt. Plus, this one by Boldchat is fantastic. What’s in the white paper:

  • Real world examples from fortune 500 retailers
  • An assessment tool to gauge your company’s mobile readiness
  • Tips and best practices for achieving mobile engagement

Leveraging Transactional Email For Success – Send grid

Do you do anything creative to take your transactional emails to the next level and help them do more for your business? A transactional email is the perfect chance to create a deeper connection, upsell, or build brand loyalty. What you will learn in this white paper:

  • How to build engagement from transactional messages

  • How to get started with transactional emails
  • Different ways to use transactional emails as a touchpoint


Benchmark report: Hitting the Mark 2014-15

Dotmailer’s annual comprehensive benchmarking report gives readers the ability to see how their email marketing matches up next to some of the biggest names in retail. What you will learn:

  • Effective email acquisition tactics
  • Social media and email integration
  • The importance of popups and referrals


Thanks for taking a peek at our list. Over the next few months we will be adding more resources to this list, so stay tuned. If we missed a great resource please post a link in the comment box below.