Scratch-it Named As Emerging Email Company – Fluent’s EMAIL MARKETINGscape

This week Fluent unveiled their first-ever EMAIL MARKETINGscape. And guess what? Scratch-it made it on the list. I think I speak for all of us at Scratch-it when I express how honored we are to be mentioned amongst some of the most important brands in Email Marketing. Thanks to all of our supporters, partners and clients for helping us make this happen.

Here’s a short blurb from their post (view the whole post here):

For years, boutique investment bank LUMA Partners has been publishing its famous LUMAscapes of the digital marketing and advertising world, which attempt to visually make sense of the complex and densely populated ecosystems that exist across display, search, video, mobile, social, commerce, gaming, and marketing technology.

Email marketing and email optimization have made it onto the map in a small corner of the MARKETING TECHNOLOGYscape, but we are sure that those who work in the trenches would agree that email marketing has a broad and complicated ecosystem all of its own. 

On that note, the team here at Fluent is delighted to unveil the first-ever EMAIL MARKETINGscape,…

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