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Scratch-it Analytics Just Got an Upgrade.

It’s time for an upgrade!

We are rolling out a ton of new features, all for your analytical pleasure. Our analytics platform is now more powerful than ever. All the new bells and whistles will give you key insights into how your customers are responding to your campaigns, allow you to more accurately target your audience, and ultimately, maximize your marketing dollars.  

Now, you can track and compare the success of your campaigns through top level statistics and demographic data that is based on language, device and location. You can even drill down to the specific user activity to identify who on your list is the most active. (more…)

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Build B2B Revenue

5 Steps to Build B2B Revenue

We get it. Converting leads into customers in any market is difficult, but if you are a B2B company, you have the short end of the stick. And if you are a B2B selling high ticket items, it might even feel like you never got a stick.

There are two parts to your problem. The first is that your audience is a smaller, very specific, high-net worth audience. This is the ultimate B2B catch-22. Your items have a high margin so you don’t need many conversions to make a huge difference, but attaining conversions is harder for you than B2C counterparts.

The second is that B2B marketing has been a vast, dry land of boring marketing messages. There are not many creative marketing solutions that cater specifically to B2B businesses like yours. As a result, your marketing messages don’t stand out and are often overlooked.

After hearing all that is working against you, you may feel like the walls are closing in. But don’t worry just yet, our 5 steps to build B2B revenue can knock down those old walls and give your marketing a complete remodel.


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5 Steps to Creating Newsletters Readers Will Love

One of the very best tools brands or marketers can use to reach out to and connect with their customers is a newsletter. A newsletter can be used to keep in touch, announce a sale, or share new content. The possibilities are endless.

While you might think a newsletter doesn’t accomplish much in the way of “real” marketing, patience my friend. They can actually be some of the very best ways to not only keep your brand top of mind, but also nurture your leads through the buying cycle. 

Now, the real question is – are you using your newsletter to it’s full potential?

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