The Influencer Series

The Influencer Series: Ken Magill

Ken Magill, marketing mogul and Internet marketing pioneer, has been down deep in the trenches of the industry since the early 90s. Starting out as a copywriter, and ending up as a writer for his own report, The Magill Report, Magill, he never strayed too far from the craft. In the last two and a half decades he has been learning, growing with, and writing about marketing. His first hand account of experiences is unlike any other, providing rich history and insight about the story of marketing and how it came to be where it is today.


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Marketing and Big Data

20 Quotes on Marketing and Big Data

You know just how important data is for marketers and brands in the 21st Century. Need more convincing?

We’ve got you covered.

Check out our 20 favorite quotes on marketing and big data from the marketers who know it’s a key component of business in 2015 and beyond.

For more predictions from the top influencers in the marketing industry, check out our exclusive blog series – The Influencer Series.


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Scratch-its New Integration

Scratch-it Integrates with Yesmail

Yesmail has joined the club as one of our most powerful email service provider integrations yet.

This one comes with all the bells and whistles! You can export your HTML email bodies straight to Yesmail to integrate with campaigns for simple management and easy fine tuning. You can also send test emails directly from your Scratch-it dashboard, as well as schedule your campaign for sending to predefined subscriber lists.


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re-engage inactive subscribers

Save your relationship: Tips for rekindling the fire with your inactive subscribers [Part 1]

You’ve written your content, and you’re nurturing your leads. You’ve even done a good job at keeping your list healthy by ensuring proper lead gen and opt-ins. Yet leads are going through your nurture series without engaging. In this 3 part series, I’ll walk you through how to get those precious lead’s attention. We’ll cover why your leads don’t engage, how to get their attention back, types of content that drives engagement and how to keep them engaged.  


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New Integration

Scratch-it Integrates with Oracle Eloqua

Our ESP family keeps growing. With our newest integration Oracle Eloqua, your user experience just got that much easier. Don’t worry about copying and pasting your email’s HTML into your Oracle Eloqua account. This new feature allows Oracle Eloqua users to create a Scratch-it email, send themselves a test, and push that email to Oracle Eloqua for easy, seamless sending.


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B2B Sticky Content

How to Get More B2B Customers Using Sticky Content

“Sticky content” is a lot more than just a buzzword these days, it’s a strategy many brands and marketers are embracing to increase their bottom line. 

Let’s start with the basics first – what exactly is sticky content? We can look at this definition.

Sticky content is information or features on a website that give users a compelling reason to visit it frequently.
Sounds good. What brand doesn’t want visitors to frequent their website?

But the real key to understanding the importance of sticky content is knowing why repeat website visitors are so critical. 

Once we understand this, we can get more B2B customers using sticky content.  (more…)

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